This Girl Makes - An interview with Freya whamond

July 2017

The Alan Peters Award for Excellence: Interview with 2017 winner Freya Whamond.


Oxford Brookes - Alan Peters Award 

July 2017

Furniture Design and Make graduate wins prize for excellence.


Freya Wins The Alan peters award for excellence 2017

July 2017

The Alan Peters Award for Excellence commemorates a man dedicated to bespoke furniture and highly respected by all within the industry. 


Rising Stars 2017

February 2017

Rising Stars is a platform to view and collect some of the most exciting new craft by emerging makers from crafts and applied arts programmes across the UK.


This Girl makes - An Interview with troo studio

December 2016

Catching up with Rycotewood 2016 Graduates: where are they now? (Including interview with creators of Troo Studio)


Rycotewood graduate show 2016 - 'In the making'

July 2016

Rycotewood’s Graduates display exceptional craftsmanship.


Shed Space 2016

May 2016

ShedSpace celebrates the role of the humble garden shed in the creative industries, past and present. Artists and architectural designers Jeni Burnell and Patrick Stimpson will create a full-size shed in the gallery, with help from Oxford Brookes students and clients of the national homelessness charity Crisis.


Gordon Russell Award 2016

May 2016

A competition set by a leading British furniture manufacturer has tested the skills of young designers and makers.